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Bellozi™ Booty Belt

Bellozi™ Booty Belt

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The most comfortable and efficient way to hip thrust

The Booty Belt™ is an effective and comfortable way to perform hip thrusts. It 

can be set up in 20 seconds or less and its versatile design allows you to use dumbbells, kettlebellsand weight plates.

Note: Weights are not included.

Versatility Unleashed: Dumbbells, Plates, or Kettlebells – Your Choice!

Ditch the limitations of traditional barbell hip thrusts with the Booty Belt's unparalleled versatility. Load up on either dumbbells, plates, or kettlebells on both sides of this revolutionary belt, granting you the freedom to customize your workout. In busy gyms where barbells are a hot commodity, the Booty Belt ensures you never miss a beat.

Hear what babes like you are saying about the Booty Belt™ 👇

The Booty Belt is a total game-changer! Gym intimidation? Gone. Now I get a killer workout without the need for a barbell. Versatile, snug, and seriously efficient – it's my confidence booster. Elevate your workouts effortlessly with the Booty Belt. Highly recommended! 🌟

- Emily M.

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